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 - Mystery of batwoman
Batman - Mystery of batwoman
Batman Is In Search Of The Mysterious Batwoman, But Before Being Able To Find It Has Been Kidnapped By The Band Penguin. To Save It, Our Hero Must Fight With...
Batman 3 
 - The cobblebot caper
Batman 3 - The cobblebot caper
The robbers entered the bank city of Gotham, c 'is only one superhero that can stop them ... Batman! So calatevi inside the bank building,...
Batman- Gotham Dark Night
Batman- Gotham Dark Night
Joker has threatened to explode l 'entire Gotham City with huge loads and many d ' explosive. Help Batman defuse all the bombs that Joker has...
Batman  - Ice Cold Getaway
Batman - Ice Cold Getaway
Mr Freeze has stolen a collection of diamonds from the Gotham Museum. Guided Batman in the mission to recover the diamond, slipping through your batmobile...
Batman - Dynamic Double Team
Batman - Dynamic Double Team
The Dark Knight, the bat pifamoso of the Earth, with the help of Blue Beetle has to foil an attack across the galaxy, stopping the evil space pirates led by...
Batman Ice Age
Batman Ice Age
Winter is suddenly shot down over Gotham City, arriving much too early. It 'just in October but the roads are gighiacciate. Who's kidding with nature?...
The Joker's Escape
The Joker's Escape
For once, do not stay on the good side but will wear the shoes of the evil Joker! The superhero Batman will be hunting, you will have to try to escape. Jump...
Batman Gotham Rush
Batman Gotham Rush
Batman committed in another of his adventures in Gotham City, the roads are not pisicure as it once was! Too many criminals around, they will need a good...
Rooftop Batman The Caper
Rooftop Batman The Caper
Wear the mantle of Batman and get ready to jump to the rooftops of Gotham City! The hero-bat this time the enemy dovraffrontare kanji. Vanquished all his gang...

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