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Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe   Ep.1
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe Ep.1
by dazzling lights, deep in the jungle of prohibited lands, terrifying mythological creatures are waiting for someone to be so brave to go look. In a few...
Steppenwolf - Mokele   Mbembe Ep.2
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe Ep.2
Leaving the ship, in the 1st episode, you are caught by local indigenous people and brought in their village. Derek your awakening, your assistant, is not. To...
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe   Ep.3
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe Ep.3
Your adventure is not over yet, because the wicked queen wants to sacrifice Derek, your helper. Looking for the marshes in front of you are not what you...
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe   Ep.4
Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe Ep.4
The final confrontation. The Mokele Mbembe has arrived and Derek is about to be eaten alive. By 'aid will need to prepare Steppenwolf traps and drive off...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.1
will open new chapter in the adventures of the series Steppenwolf, and begin your search dell'abominevole snow man: the Yeti. The terrorists,...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.2
The Tibetan temple is attacked, and Steppenwolf is trapped inside! Seek the path that leads to the Yeti to discover the secret of the old monastery. Only then...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.3
us the third episode of the series' The Yeti 'and finally the path that leads man all'abominevole snow was unveiled ... but now your problem is to...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.4
The final showdown! Two soldiers Tibetans have been killed by the Yeti, and Meg is in danger of life. You'll have to save it in the deep cave of the Yeti...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.1
no great scientific mind can resist the seduction of immortality ... but when darkness falls, the dark science calls revenge ... The third chapter in the...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.2
and the adventure continues, parachuted in Antarctica, to find Steppenwolf Heruka. To move between the ice of the pole has to steal a snowmobile, but it must...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.3
Meg is in possession of code that was used, it must find that Sanchez will lead the ... but it will be a trap? Can trust? But the feeling was that she and...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.4
we reached the end of this chapter; Steppenwolf must fight the Heruka, meet with Meg, and to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his wife....
Steppenwolf  - The Cracking Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Cracking Ep.1
Another chapter of the adventures of Steppenwolf. Forced to continue his studies on the gene for immortality, Steppenwolf and Meg go to Norway in search...
Steppenwolf  - The Cracking Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Cracking Ep.2
In Norway Steppenwolf must find Professor Olaff Hargvor, the inventor of the submarine device that can reach the Kraken. But to reach the teacher must first...
Steppenwolf  - The Crack Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Crack Ep.3
Steppenwolf and Professor Olaff climb aboard the submarine and, as soon as you plunge into the sea Meg is attacked by terrorists! Alone must defeat them before...
Steppenwolf  - The Crack Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Crack Ep.4
Steppenwolf began his descent into the deep sea. Do not know that terrorists have sabotaged the mechanism propelling the submarine. Therefore able to repair...
Steppenwolf  - The Chubacabra Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Chubacabra Ep.1
Just incredible mysteries await Meg Crimson and Steppenwolf. The secret of immortality is still far from being revealed .. This time, our heroes must...
Steppenwolf  - The Chubacabra Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Chubacabra Ep.2
Meg is helped by Pedro, a young boy who says he know where he lives the Chupakabra. But the two will encounter in a criminal gang that claims to have...
Steppenwolf  - The Chubacabra Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Chubacabra Ep.3
Completely covered with blood, the young Pedro is about to be sacrificed! Steppenwolf and Meg will be able to free it before it goes into the meal...
Steppenwolf  - The Chubacabra Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Chubacabra Ep.4
We finish the comparison! Will and Meg Steppenwolf Pedro to save and retrieve Chupakabra that the blood sample so important for their research? The...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.1
last chapter of the saga. Steppenwolf and Meg are close to final ... but while they are fleeing, the men of Donovan opened fire against them. The couple...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.2
Octavio shall contact Steppenwolf to explain how to return to the laboratory without being noticed. Steppenwolf but manages to find the cell Shelley...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.3
Octavio Meg can drive up all'Arsenale in a secret underground complex. At the same time, however, a strange and dangerous metamorphosis is made in the...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Pt2 Ep.4
. The latest adventure. Steppenwolf and Donovan came to the final confrontation! Who will win this battle between man and beast? Use the...

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