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The Alien  - Milky W
The Alien - Milky W
similar games:  Point-and-click 
You fell to earth to retrieve Milky W, one of your fallen comrade alien on Earth with his spaceship, captured and imprisoned in a...
Sweet Arts 3d
Sweet Arts 3d
similar games:  3D Game  labirinto  Exit 
A good 3D game, between the skill and adventure in which, played from time to time various elements, you must collect all the...
Pirates  - Pirates And Treasure
Pirates - Pirates And Treasure
A huge and ancient treasure is hidden in the mysteries of the Caribbean islands, and there is waiting. Then completed 5...
Ninja Pirate Cave Raid
Ninja Pirate Cave Raid
raided ninja pirate cave in the search for a legendary treasure! A scrolling game simple but fast, the graphics really original,...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.4
similar games:  Steppenwolf Heruka  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
we reached the end of this chapter; Steppenwolf must fight the Heruka, meet with Meg, and to discover the truth behind the...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.3
similar games:  Steppenwolf Heruka  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
Meg is in possession of code that was used, it must find that Sanchez will lead the ... but it will be a trap? Can trust? But the...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.2
similar games:  Steppenwolf Heruka  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
and the adventure continues, parachuted in Antarctica, to find Steppenwolf Heruka. To move between the ice of the pole has to...
Steppenwolf  - The Heruka Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Heruka Ep.1
similar games:  Steppenwolf Heruka  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
no great scientific mind can resist the seduction of immortality ... but when darkness falls, the dark science calls revenge ......
Limb  - The Surreal World
Limb - The Surreal World
similar games:  Point-and-click  Myst 
Still a wonderful point and click from the fantastic multi-level and surreal (the same kind of glorious Samorost and Samorost2),...
The Doors
The Doors
similar games:  Point-and-click  Escape From Room 
not know where you are, and do not know what we are doing there. Only you know that you have to exit. Here's what...
Epics Of Distant Realm
Epics Of Distant Realm
similar games:  Rpg 
A very good and elaborate RPG adventure game. You have been found on the beach of an island unknown to you, do not you know...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.4
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.4
similar games:  Steppenwolf Yeti  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
The final showdown! Two soldiers Tibetans have been killed by the Yeti, and Meg is in danger of life. You'll have to save it...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.3
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.3
similar games:  Steppenwolf Yeti  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
us the third episode of the series' The Yeti 'and finally the path that leads man all'abominevole snow was unveiled...


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