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Aqua Slug  - Summer Adventure
Aqua Slug - Summer Adventure
similar games:  Shooter  Sliding Action  Metal Slug  Estate 
A that resembles a sort of Metal Slug in the summer version. Our hero Polo, has decided to take a nice holiday by the sea...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.2
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.2
similar games:  steppenwolf yeti  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
The Tibetan temple is attacked, and Steppenwolf is trapped inside! Seek the path that leads to the Yeti to discover the secret of...
Steppenwolf  - The Yeti Ep.1
Steppenwolf - The Yeti Ep.1
similar games:  steppenwolf yeti  Steppenwolf  Warnerbros 
will open new chapter in the adventures of the series Steppenwolf, and begin your search dell'abominevole snow man: the Yeti....
The Fat Boy  - The Lardener
The Fat Boy - The Lardener
In this RPG graphics simple and essential you are a boy who, by dint of doing nothing from morning to evening, and is always in...
Escape  -Trapped
Escape -Trapped
similar games:  Point-and-click  Escape From A Room 
Here's a tip, and click the 'escape from a room' that will keep you busy for a while 'time, in an attempt to...
From Heaven To Hell
From Heaven To Hell
similar games:  Point-and-click  Escape From A Room 
E 'past one year from the death of my mother. It 'died in hospital, but the day that happened I do not have permission to...
Zelda Valentine's Quest
Zelda Valentine's Quest
similar games:  Cupido  San Valentino 
variant of one of the most legendary games of the past: The Legend of Zelda. The setting is played with an almost absolute...
Submachine 3- The Loop
Submachine 3- The Loop
similar games:  Point-and-click  submachine 
There is a diary ... There is no menu ... There's nothing to collect ... There are only you ... and the...
Knights Cube  -Quibeland
Knights Cube -Quibeland
An interesting game of adventure to the sliding platform, where you must guide through the various levels of play, armed only one...
Summer Courses  - Back To School
Summer Courses - Back To School
A sliding platform based on the comic created by Lil'g Bums. Your objective in the game, will be to help Lil'g to...
Rapid  - Leaf Boarding
Rapid - Leaf Boarding
Perhaps the rapid descent from on board a large leaf is not just a sport, but Brandy and Whiskers consider it an extreme sport...
Frank Adventure 4
Frank Adventure 4
he worked as a reporter at red lights, and have earned a good holiday in SexyLand, it's time to take a 'rest and relax in...
Garage  - One Off
Garage - One Off
similar games:  Point-and-click  Escape From A Room 
A point-and-click genre 'escape-room' in which your goal will be to carry out the garage a beautiful bike. The problem is...


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