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Angel Sudoku
Angel Sudoku
similar games:  Sudoku  Logic 
Yet another Sudoku, this time of exquisite graphics .. treated in detail, color, and especially 'cicciottoso'. The...
Risiko- Said Wars
Risiko- Said Wars
similar games:  risiko  Strategy  Conquest 
Risiko! Who does not remember the past nights with friends to challenge the sound of tanks for the conquest of the world? ...
Join The Dots  - Draws A Piraka
Join The Dots - Draws A Piraka
Who of you has never been attracted by the game 'Join the dots ' Week Enigmistica? Big or small we are, these mysterious...
Lunch? Served
Lunch? Served
Lunch is served, the legendary quiz Corrado that the more children you will remember well, in a great online version. The...
The Solitary Sheriff  - Sheriff Tripeak
The Solitary Sheriff - Sheriff Tripeak
similar games:  cards  lonely 
the sheriff is a classic game with a very simple logic: You must remove all the cards on the table, dragging them one by one on...
Solitaire Card  - Solitary
Solitaire Card - Solitary
similar games:  cards  lonely 
alone with the cards, surely this is one of the most famous and most nerve-racking. It seems very simple, the goal of the...
Royal Sudoku
Royal Sudoku
similar games:  sudoku  logic 
Sudoku is one of the most complex versions of this popular game, for the most skillful resolvers. Once again, your task...
Garfield Get Pooky
Garfield Get Pooky
similar games:  garfield  cartoons 
of the avid goers salegiochi? Then know this device so well loved by the girls, but the nightmare that every time boyfriends are...
House Of Cards  - Castle Of Cards
House Of Cards - Castle Of Cards
similar games:  cards  house of cards 
A game of cards original and fun, which goes back in time to when we had (because now no?) houses with the cards. The...
Game, 31  - Has High
Game, 31 - Has High
similar games:  card  21 and 31 
Who has never played a 31? We ve lo online anew, in a similar version of the famous card game, if not for the fact that...
Otello -  3d Reversi
Otello - 3d Reversi
similar games:  3D Game  Othello  Checkerboard 
A beautiful 3D realization of Othello, one of the most popular board games of all time. The goal of the game is to color...
CASIN It? Di Droopy
CASIN It? Di Droopy
similar games:  card  21 and 31 
A nice game conceptually identical to 7 and a half, except that the score you have to come closer or to join is 21. ...
The Restaurant 
 - Dinner party game
The Restaurant - Dinner party game
puzzle made up of 8 levels of play, in which the aim is to accommodate all guests around the table, so that no one disgruntled...

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